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Futa chat

A sordid drama played out at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), on Thursday, as the institution’s Registrar, Dr. Ajayi was told that a memo was printed out on her office printer behind her back. Adams was in the office and trying to download a memo written by the university’s Legal Director to the acting Vice-Chancellor, Professor Tunde Arayela, in respect of the court order issued to the university concerning the payment of staff salaries. Adams, a member of the Non-Academic Staff Union (NASU) of the university, was also bitten in the head by Dr. Sources told Sahara Reporters that the brawl took place at about am, sparking huge confusion in the University Senate Building. A source told our correspondent that the fracas developed when Dr.The SSANU leader, who condemned the Registrar’s action, disclosed that leaders of his union have taken steps in protest against the dehumanization of the clerical staff.

It was further noted that on the website there are two options for confirmation for each payments, before aspirants could proceed with the registration.

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I wonder how this kind of people get to sensitive positions,” he lamented. Durojaye also disclosed that the union has contacted its lawyers, adding that Dr. A source close to her, however, confirmed the incident in a phone chat.

“The incident actually happened, but I can’t speak for the Registrar because she might have her own personal reasons for such a display. Moreover, it is an in-house matter, not one for the press.

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Adams on the side of his head and repeatedly assaulted him,” the source narrated.

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