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He told her that “my wife would flip if she knew I was into it.” Noting that Stephanie's profile mentioned a daughter, Farley asked if the mother ever got to “see anything.” He also asked Stephanie what her “favorite age” was, and she answered that it was her daughter's age, ten years old.

After questioning Stephanie about how long she had been attracted to her daughter and what she did to “get looks and appease [her]self of the urge,” Farley suggested that she should arrange for her daughter to walk in on her while she was masturbating.

To prepare Sydney for the experience, Farley suggested that Stephanie watch pornographic movies and let her daughter see her masturbating to them.

“You have to be a sexual part of this,” he insisted.

He assured Stephanie that he wanted to be “a part of [her] plans,” a “long term thing” and he “would teach and watch [the child] blossom over the years.”When Stephanie asked how he envisioned it happening, Farley said that they would meet, have dinner, go back to her place, drink some wine, and give the child a few sips.

Then he and Stephanie would start “messing around,” letting the daughter watch to “make it natural,” perhaps with a pornographic movie playing in the background.

In response to Stephanie's story that she had sex with her stepfather at age twelve, Farley said, “I would imagine if it is done gently, lovingly and consistently it is not looked at as anything strange.” Stephanie then asked Farley what made him want a “real” experience.

Within the first three minutes, he asked her how long she had been interested in the “room topic” and whether her involvement was “active” or merely fantasy.

When she said that had happened once, Farley replied that Stephanie should have “offer[ed] to show her how.”Farley confided to Stephanie that he had been “attracted to younger girls for a while.” He told her that he had twelve-year-old and ten-year-old daughters, and a fourteen-year-old son, but that he had not been “active” with them because he was afraid that his wife might find out.

He claimed, however, that there was a fourteen-year-old girl he had met online and had “[met] up with for sex.” Stephanie asked if ten was too young for him, and Farley answered “no not too young.” He then asked if the daughter “ha[s] any hair yet.” Stephanie told Farley that she wanted to find a man who could introduce her daughter to sex.

Farley asked Stephanie if she had done anything similar with her own daughter, and suggested once again that she rent a pornographic movie and arrange for Sydney to catch her masturbating while watching it. § 3624 federal inmates routinely receive 54 additional days' credit toward the service of their sentence at the end of each year that they have served with good behavior.

He advised that Stephanie should not act shocked or surprised when her daughter walked in, because “she needs to see you doing things ․ before I show up and get involved.” He told Stephanie that night was the night to start: “Have her and you get in just t-shirt and panties, and when you start playing ․ tell her it feels good and is natural, walk her through it by talking to her, tell her what to do, then ask her if she wants you to help her, touch her and get her to touch you.” He also suggested she get a webcam so that she and Sydney could chat with the Toronto woman and her daughter, “letting Sydney see it's ok and teaching her together.”On March 23, 2007, Farley was laid off from his job as Regional Vice-President for the Dallas branch of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Because of § 3624 an inmate could complete a 30-year sentence in 26 years and 2 months.

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When Farley and Stephanie chatted again on March 8, 2007, he told her that he had met a woman from Toronto online who was “active” with her ten-year-old daughter.

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