Validating text box in asp net

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I'm new to this, and am not looking in the right places to find answers.

Sample problem: set parameter by entering value into a Text Box, check if value is a number in given range, allow clicking a Button if validation was successful. In this example a derived class Double Range Rule will check if user entered a number (double) within a given range (between Max and Min value).

I'm using a popup calendar (AJAX Control Toolkit Extender) to allow a date to be picked for a Text Box. You will have to use some client side validaion technique.

I would normally add the validator to my web user control by placing the validator next to my textbox. Validating Date in a Form Textbox Has anyone ever had any experience with validating a date entered into a textbox of a form?I have attempted multiple things to get this into the page and even started to just rewrite it as an web form, but even then I can't reuse any of the code since the System. My question is do I have to check in the C# to make sure the textboxes have values and if so what does a experienced programmer think of my code. Please help on how I can make the ASP textbox appear. Our default web site is turned off and instead we use several other sites. On the user control is a text box called txb Selected Image and a button.I constructed a webform entirely of ASP textboxes and ASP buttons and nothing on the page appears. NET Proz always make impossible to possible Try this one: System. Does anybody happen to if Powerbuilder 11 supports non default web sites? How to Make Web Forms from other Web Forms In putting together an ASP. Text Box I am trying to take user selected text from a textbox and save that portion to a string value, but the only method I have found involves using the System. Forms namespace and since I am using the Find Control method to pull the text box control from a form view, it throws a "can not convert webcontrol to form" error at me. On click of the button run's this code: function Open Child() Which obviously open a ch...What we know about this time is that the universe was extremely hot, dense and almost uniform; it was ...From Data to Action – Best Practices for Validating and Optimizing Your Digital Campaigns - com Score ...

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I'm using the format date/month/year (dd/MM/YY) Hi! You can pick up the value yourself on postback using this if you do want to set the field to read-only:if (Page. You should probably mark the first post to your original question as "Answer" too (if you haven't already) as he got you most of the way to the solution Here is an easier solution that most people are using.